Eating seasonally

1st March

According to the meteorological calendar, Spring starts on Friday 1st March (today), so to celebrate the new season, today’s blog is about eating seasonally.  Eating seasonally means eating foods that are naturally harvested at ...
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Sugars and sweeteners

23rd February

It is a truth universally acknowledged that eating too much sugar can lead to both weight gain and tooth decay.  And it is ‘free sugars’ that most adults and children in the UK eat too much of. These are any sugars added to foo ...
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10 ideas for healthy eating

9th February

These are some of my favourite ideas to nudge you into eating more healthily. Although some feel relatively small, these changes soon add to help you eat (and feel) better.    Get planning: this one gets the top spot as I thin ...
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Weight-loss injectables, the new wonder drug?

2nd February

For decades, people have been searching for a silver bullet when it comes to weight loss, with numerous fad diets and exercise regimes being hailed as the ‘next big thing’.   In recent months, injectables Ozempic and Wegovy hav ...
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What’s the deal with coffee?

26th January

People can feel very passionately about their daily cup of coffee and it’s a question that comes up time and again, especially given the amount of the conflicting advice around whether or not coffee is good for you. Firstly, le ...
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The importance of vitamin D

19th January

Vitamin D isn’t technically a vitamin as it’s both a nutrient that we can eat, as well as a hormone that we make ourselves.  But we need sunlight to make it ourselves and in the UK, during winter and autumn, the sun isn’t strong ...
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How to support your microbiome

13th January

The gut microbiome refers to all the living microorganisms that live within the gut.  It is made up of trillions of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, which live in the digestive tract.   Our micr ...
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Why we should be eating more in January

5th January

Happy New Year.  I wanted to kick off the first blog of 2024 with a few words about diet culture and the inevitable noise around this topic which seems so popular at this time of year.  Supposedly now is the time to lose weigh ...
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The connection between mood and food

29th December 2023

I hope everyone has had a very happy Christmas and is enjoying some downtime over ‘twixmas ’. This is often a time for eating up left-overs, making turkey curry and finishing off festive treats. Christmas is undoubtably a time ...
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How to put together the perfect smoothie

22nd December 2023

I realise that smoothies don’t usually get much of a look-in during December.  Perhaps I’ve gone a bit early with this post as we are still in the month that celebrates mince pies and festive food as we count down the final days t ...
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